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Who we are:
The Georgia Highway Contractors Association is a state-wide, non-profit association of approximately 250 member companies that help build the transportation infrastructure in Georgia.  Our members are contractors, engineers, consultants, and suppliers of equipment, materials, production, and services necessary for the construction or maintenance of public highways, streets, sewers, bridges, airports, grading, paving, or other associated work.

Our strength lies in the commitment of our members who work together to secure the long-term viability of our industry.  Our member companies make a substantial contribution to Georgia's economy and quality of life.

We are the advocate for infrastructure development and a safe and balanced transportation system that sustains and promotes economic growth.

Membership in the Georgia Highway Contractors Association is composed of two broad categories: Contractor Members and Associate Members.

Contractor Members are contractors whose business comprises the execution of contracts for the construction or maintenance of public highways, rail systems, roads, streets, bridges, culverts, sewers, airports, grading, paving, and other associated work.

Associate members are firms or individuals whose business comprises the furnishing to contractors any materials, equipment, supplies, bonds, insurance, transportation or other items necessary for the construction or maintenance of public highways, roads, streets, bridges, culverts, sewers, airports, grading or other associated work.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Immediate Reporting of Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Lettings, Advertisements, and Award Announcements
  • Networking Opportunities at our Annual Convention, Events, and Business Meetings
  • Advocacy, Representation, and Interaction with both GDOT Officials and Legislators
  • Participation in our Executive Development Program for leaders in your Company
  • Participation in the Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) program that is using heavy equipment simulators in over twenty Georgia high schools to teach the next generation of workers about our industry
  • Building Relationships with both GDOT Upper Management and District and Area Leaders through the Georgia Transportation Partnering for Construction (GTPC) Committees and Workshops
  • Help shape GDOT Specifications by participating in Specification Review
  • Participation in GHCA Committees, which represent Industry on Key and Specific Issues with GDOT
  • Membership Directory and Buyer's Guide listing Contractor and Associate Members, GDOT senior personnel, Georgia's Congressional Delegates, and key ARTBA personnel
  • Sharing of New Technology and Innovation Amongst the Membership
  • Valuable Industry News and Information through our Newsletters, News Reports, and Bulletins
  • Working Relationship with both National and Local Associations: AASHTO, ARTBA, FHWA, SASHTO, TRIP, GTPC, GCAA, GAPA, GCCA, AGC, GUCA, and ACPA
  • Industry Leadership
  • Assistance with GDOT
  • Advice Regarding Individual Business Related Concerns
  • Affiliation with ARTBA - All Contractor Members are ARTBA Members


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Interested in joining the Georgia Highway Contractors Association? Please contact Dianne Dohoney at (770) 622-7155 to request an application.

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